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Download Signal 5.61.0 For Windows

Download Signal 5.61.0 For Windows
Download Signal 5.61.0 For Windows

Download Signal 5.61.0 For Windows - Signal is a messenger app that is currently popular because it focuses on security & privacy with automatic end-to-end message encryption.

This app lets you send and receive text messages and make and receive voice or video calls. In addition, Signal pays attention to improving its security which comes from an open-source protocol.

Signal also offers various privacy features such as hidden messages, screen security, and recording security. All these features make this messaging app able to compete in the messenger world against its predecessors like WhatsApp and Telegram.

This application does not have a Web client and is limited to a desktop application. This means that you cannot access your messages on Signal using most web browsers. You have to download and install the native application on your laptop or computer. Desktop apps are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Requires at least 64-bit Windows, macOS, or a 64-bit Linux distribution supporting APT, such as Ubuntu or Debian.

The Signal application interface on the desktop is very similar to the application on a smartphone. You can make video and voice calls, send audio messages, attach photos and videos, and use stickers.

Another plus is the cost. You don't have to pay a penny to use this app. The messages exchanged in it also use end-to-end encryption security, the scheme is described below. 

Messages, Files, Images, and Videos that you send will be turned into a random code. The code is then sent to the Signal server.

After that, the server will send it to the person with whom you exchange messages.

The key to the code belongs only to that person's Signal app. This means, only you and the recipient can read it. Signal's side doesn't know anything.

It is undeniable that there are already many other chat applications that have the same technology. However, this application has many advantages over the others.

But the biggest change is that the desktop application no longer has to rely on the mobile application, as we find on the desktop version of WhatsApp. Just do the installation and connect your phone once, then the next desktop version can be used independently.

Signal 6.61.0 Feature

1. Supports Personal and Group Conversations

Of course, this is a function of modern chat applications. Unfortunately Signal does not specify a limit on the number of group chat members.

2. End-to-end encryption

Signal is a product of Open Whisper Systems. The protocol in Signal is then also used in WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and Google Allo. This encryption method has gone through an audit process (often debated with the MTproto used by Telegram which is often called untested).

3. Disappearing Message

Signal has a feature that causes messages to be automatically deleted. Choice of duration from 5 seconds to 1 week. If you choose to send a message like this, an hourglass icon will appear on each message.

4. Lock Apps

You can lock the Signal app. So that messages cannot be seen by those who idly open this application on their cellphone. You can open it like an Android lock screen (for example with a fingerprint).

5. Support Voice and Video Calls

Being able to make voice and video calls have also become a standard of communication. A signal can do both of these things. You can even do this through the encryption process.

6. Support Multiple Files

Just like other chat applications, you can send image/photo files, videos, audio, or documents. You can also choose the connection to download the file (Wi-Fi vs cellular data).

7. Support Emoji and GIF

Emojis and GIFs have become a way of expression in conversation. Signal also supports it. But there really aren't any stickers here. Yes, but stickers are added to photos, not the kind like WhatsApp stickers, Telegram stickers, or LINE.

8. Support Multiple Platforms

Just like other chat applications, you can also use Signal on Android, iOS, or on a computer via a browser (web application). There is a Signal extension in the Google Chrome browser for easy access on computers.

9. Could be an SMS/MMS application

On Android, you can also use the Signal app as the main Messages app for SMS and MMS. SMS and MMS do not go through the encryption process.

10. Support App Themes

In the Signal app, you can choose a light and dark theme. If it is light, the application will be blue and white, while if it is dark it will be black.

In general, the Signal application does function like any other chat application. There are advantages and disadvantages between the various applications. But in terms of security and privacy, Signal is ahead. Yet others use the protocol that is in it. If you are interested in trying it, please see the link below.

Download Signal 5.61.0 For Windows

Download Signal Other Version

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