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Download WhatsApp Desktop 2.2236.10.0 For PC Windows

Download WhatsApp Desktop 2.2236.10.0 For PC Windows
Download WhatsApp Desktop 2.2236.10.0 For PC Windows 

WhatsApp 2.2234.13.0 For PC Desktop Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 64 Bit Download - There are quite a few new features on WhatsApp after being updated in 2022. WhatsApp does routinely update features so that users feel more comfortable using the messaging application. At least, there have been 10 new features in WhatsApp that have been added to a number of the main features of the application.

For example, in the main voice message feature, there are at least two updated the feature. Not to mention the updates in the chat, video call, and calling features. All of them have the latest features that will support the convenience of users in carrying out messaging activities.

The following are a number of new features in WA. For the record, it is recommended to upgrade the WhatsApp application to the latest version first to be able to use these new features.

11 New Features of WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0 

1. Reaction In the chat feature or sending messages

WhatsApp adds several new features. Among other things is the Reaction feature. With this feature, users can react directly to a chat by pressing it and then attaching an emoticon to the message in question.

2. File Sharing Still in the chat feature

There is an update on file sharing where users can send files up to 2 GB in size. It is intended to support the needs and make it easier for users to do various jobs. READ ALSO: WhatsApp Working on Filter by Unread Option, Makes It Easy for Users to Find Unread Messages

3. Deletion of Messages by Admin In the latest feature

Users who are group admins can delete any messages from other people in the group that they feel are inappropriate.

4. Disappearing Message Duration

 The option for the auto-delete message duration in the Disappearing Message feature has also been updated. In the past, the message deletion option was only 7 days, now users can choose messages to be deleted automatically after 24 hours or 90 days.

5. More Voice Calls An update is also available in the voice dialing feature

Users can now make voice calls with up to 32 participants. In addition, a new design is also presented in this feature to further enhance the experience of making voice calls.

6. Preview Voice Messages / Voice Message Preview The next new feature is in sending voice messages.

 Users can now preview or listen to the content before it is sent to a chat.

7. Pause and Resume Recording 

Besides being able to be listened to first, voice messages can also be paused (pause) and then resumed (resume) as desired.

8. Playing Voice Messages Outside of Chats / Out of Chat Playback

 The Out of Chat Playback feature makes it possible for current users to listen to voice messages while chatting with other users. This means that you don't have to be in a chat room to listen to someone's voicemail.

9. Mute Group Call Participants 

When making calls with many people, there is a feature that allows users to mute other users. This is intended to make voice calls that are made together become more regular.

10. Sending Messages to Voice Call Participants 

When making a voice call in the congregation, there is a feature that makes it possible to directly send a message to the voice call participant. This feature is almost similar to messaging other participants when using Zoom.

11. Change Video Call Background 

In the video call feature, users can now change the video call background image with a certain solid color or a photo from the gallery.

Those are the  11 new features of WhatsApp 2.2236.10.0. The popular messaging application will continue to update and upgrade its services to make its users feel at home.

Download WhatsApp Desktop 2.2236.10.0 For PC Windows 

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