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Download Zoom 5.12.2 (9281) for Windows 32-bit 64-bit

Download Zoom 5.12.2 (9281) for Windows 32-bit 64-bit
Download Zoom 5.12.2 (9281) for Windows 32-bit 64-bit

Download Zoom 5.12.2 (9281) for Windows 32-bit 64-bit - Zoom released the latest version, namely Zoom 5.12.2 (9281) on October 10, 2022, from the previous version, namely Zoom 5.12.0 (8964) which was released on September 26, 2022.

Zoom is an application that can be used for video calls or video meetings. Zoom works on Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS, and Android operating systems.

Zoom is an application that is widely used today due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world, requiring people to work from home. Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan who is an American entrepreneur, Eric Yuan once benefited from the Cisco Webex company.

Zoom is also widely used by universities because colleges require students to do research on the internet from other locations.

Features Zoom 5.12.2 (9281)

  • Zoom has HD video clips as well as audio facilities.
  • Zoom has a chat facility to connect with various other participants.
  • Zoom has a center for recording meeting activities.
  • Zoom has the facility to schedule meetings.
  • Zoom has a recording feature that can be used to record webinars and the results can be stored in the Cloud and on a PC.
  • Zoom also has a raise hand feature that can be used to ask questions during webinars.
  • Zoom also has a chat feature that can be used to send messages or ask questions.
  • Zoom also has a feature to change the background and background zoom you can download here.
  • Zoom also has a streaming feature that can be used to stream to Youtube.
  • Zoom has an Immersive View feature, video calls via Zoom as if they were in a room, such as classes and meeting rooms.
  • Invitations can be easily shared or shared across various other media.
  • Zoom supports online storage media such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Zoom contains Zoom Free or basic as well as Zoom Pro, Zoom Basic has a meeting limit of 40 minutes.
  • Although Zoom Pro has no limits, we can use Zoom 24 hours for meetings, video clip meetings, or video phone calls.

5 Zoom Features for Education

1. Class Schedule

Teachers, both teachers, and lecturers can schedule classes to be held the next day. Teachers can go directly to the Schedule Meeting and create a Room Zoom that will be used in tomorrow's class.

2. Background & Blur for Chromebook

Chromebooks are laptops that run on Chrome OS. For those of you Chromebook users, now Zoom can add virtual backgrounds and zoom.

3. Improved Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms is a Zoom feature that makes it easy for users to enter small virtual rooms beside the Main Room. This Breakout Room has become very popular because it makes it easier for teachers and students to discuss in groups.

Zoom has made an update to the audio. Now audio in the Main Room can be connected to any Breakout Room. In addition to audio, the Main Room can also share video content.

4. Additional Chat and Waiting Room Features

Other new features include sending audio and video messages via Zoom Chat and changing the names of participants in the waiting room.

Zoom also provides asynchronous videos where users can download videos for up to 3 minutes before giving a response. Users can click Video at the bottom of the chat feature.

5. Anywhere Polls

Users, both students, and teachers can vote anywhere.

That's the Zoom feature that you can use, you can Download Zoom Version 5.12.2 (9281) 32-bit and 64-bit at the link below.

Download Zoom Version 5.12.2 (9281) 32-bit and 64-bit

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