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Download Zoom Version 5.13.3 (11494) 64-bit/32-bit

Download Zoom Version 5.13.3 (11494) 64-bit/32-bit
Download Zoom Version 5.13.3 (11494) 64-bit/32-bit


Download Zoom Version 5.13.3 (11494) 64-bit/32-bit - Zoom is a video conferencing service that uses cloud computing technology and 256-bit TLS encryption security to allow users to chat online. Zoom was created by Zoom Video Communications, Inc., a company based in San Jose, California, United States of America. Zoom was founded in 2011 by former Cisco Webex executive Eric Yuan and went public in 2013.

Users can use Zoom to connect with one another, hold meetings, webinars, chat, and hold discussions on a channel. Zoom is quickly becoming a viable option for working and studying remotely from a wide range of organizations and institutions around the world. The Zoom service is also supported by a wide range of operating systems, including macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web Apps, and extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Zoom offers two options for conducting conversations, both of which are free for meetings of up to 100 people with a time limit of 40 minutes. Meanwhile, for those who pay, Zoom offers needs that can be tailored to the user.

When using Zoom, there are several things that must be understood and paid attention to. Zoom Meeting, for online meetings from anywhere, is one of several Zoom services with different functions and needs. Zoom Webinar can be used for Webinar Events on campuses, schools, or institutions by inviting a large number of people to participate. Zoom Room is a meeting room with more advanced functions and tools. All of these services share the following fundamental characteristics:

Zoom Feature

1. Audio and video support

Zoom, as a video conferencing service, supports HD (High Definition) Audio and Video. The need to talk and face-to-face is obviously very important in a meeting, but on several occasions, many users turn off the audio and video functions to maximize listening. Furthermore, it is preferable to take turns speaking so as not to disrupt other speakers.

Because many Indonesians are still middle to lower class, the use of video features is limited due to limited internet quotas. Given that the internet quota quickly depletes the longer you use the video feature.

2. Display the screen (share screen)

In a meeting, the user may be required to give a presentation to explain the goals and objectives. To make it easier to explain, most presentations are in the form of PowerPoint (PPT) slides. Zoom, on the other hand, supports this type of feature, with users able to use the Share Screen feature.

What exactly is Share Screen? Zoom's Share Screen feature allows users to share computer screens, opened documents, and files accessed online (Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and so on) to share a second camera. This feature is useful for more than just document presentations.

3. Planning

An administrator can create a meeting schedule ahead of time before holding a meeting. This is done so that users who will participate are aware of it and are prepared to follow it. When creating a meeting schedule, the administrator can specify the date and time. Meanwhile, the meeting time limit ranges from 30 minutes to 14 hours. The free version allows admins to set a time limit of up to 40 minutes, whereas the premium version allows for a longer time limit.

4. Safety

In terms of security, all communication and data shared through Zoom will be encrypted using 256-bit TLS encryption security technology. According to numerous media reports, Zoom is potentially dangerous. Many controversies have occurred, but Zoom continues to improve and develop in order to ensure that.

5. Chat

Zoom also includes a chat feature, which allows users to communicate with one another during meetings or webinars. Interestingly, all of these chats are saved in history for users to view later. Files, screenshots, and documents can also be sent in by users. All of these files will be kept on the server for ten years before being automatically deleted.

6. Recording

The administrator can also record (record) meetings and save them on the computer. This feature is essential so that every meeting can be viewed again or so that other users who are unable to attend can still see it. Recording files are automatically saved to the computer, but if the user wants to save to the cloud, the administrator must upgrade to a premium package, which ranges in price from $40 to $500.

7. Raise Hand

The Raise Hand feature on Zoom allows participants, panelists, co-hosts, and hosts to raise their hands when asking or answering questions

8. Change the Background

Zoom Meetings has a feature to change the background image during video calls. This feature is usually used to unify the appearance during meetings, or just to make it look neat

9. Etc

New and Enhanced Features Zoom Version 5.13.3 (11494) 64-bit/32-bit

  • Meeting features
  • Custom human avatars 
  • In addition to animal avatars, users can create custom human avatars to be used in meetings. Customization options include numerous facial features and colors to choose from.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancement
  • Resolved an issue regarding sharing Google Slides and participants seeing other windows 
  • Resolved an issue with Slide Control and Google Slides
  • Note: The 2 Whiteboard features have been pulled from the release due to issues with deployment and will be available in another upcoming release.

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