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Download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 64-bit/32-bit

Download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 64 bit 32bitDownload Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 64 bit 32bit
Download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 64 bit 32bit

Download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 64-bit/32-bit - Good news for you Zoom users because Zoom has just released its newest version, namely Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) from the previous version, namely Zoom version 5.13.3 (11494) which was released on December 27, 2022.

Zoom is a cloud computing-based video conferencing service. Zoom can be used on Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, and so on.

Free Zoom has several advantages, including being able to hold meetings for 40 minutes with up to 100 participants. Zoom users can send texts during meetings, and users can also schedule meetings according to their wishes which can be arranged in the Schedule feature.

Zoom feature

HD Videos and Audio

Zoom has the Vidoa feature and high-definition audio which produces the best picture and sound quality


With an end-to-end encryption feature that can be used in all meetings via the Zoom application, the security of its users cannot be questioned. You can gain additional security from passwords that only you know.


Zoom users can record meetings that are being held on the Cloud and also devices that users use such as PCs or laptops.

Raise Hand

This is a feature that users can use to ask questions during a meeting.


Users can schedule meetings according to their wishes which can be integrated with Google Calendar.

Reactions in Videos

Zoom users can provide emojis or immediate reactions such as laughter, and applause during video conversations.


Users can adjust the brightness of the video display during the meeting so that their video is brighter. Apart from that, users can also use the skin smoothing feature on their mobile camera, to make their video look smoother.


This feature can help you reduce noise when you are meeting with your friends.

Change Background

You can set a virtual background according to what you want, such as natural scenery, bookshelves, studio space and others.

On or Off Videos

You can use this feature to show or mute your video during the meeting.

Chat and waiting room features

You can send audio or video messages via the Chat feature, and you can change your name while in the waiting room.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms is a Zoom feature that makes it easy for users to enter small virtual rooms next to the Main Room. The Breakout Room has become very popular because it makes it easier for teachers and students to discuss in groups.

These are some of the Zoom features that you can use, if you are interested in using Zoom, please download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) at the link below.

Changes to existing features Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835)

  • Removal of InstallVDIAutoUpdatePlugin (MSI) policy - Windows
  • The check and prompt to install additional software to manage Zoom VDI Plugins have been removed and will be available again in a future release.

Download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 64-bit

Download Zoom Version 5.13.4 (11835) 32-bit

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