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Download Telegram 4.6.3 For Windows Desktop PC

Download Telegram 4.6.3 For Windows Desktop PC
Download Telegram 4.6.3 For Windows Desktop PC

Download Telegram 4.6.3 For Windows Desktop PC - Apart from the WhatsApp application, there is a choice of other messaging applications that you can try and many people use, namely Telegram.

Telegram is an application that is used by more than 400 million people, apart from being used to send messages, this application can also be used to send funny stickers, video calls, create channels, groups and more.

Telegram can be used on various platforms including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Linux. This application can also be used to send text, photos, videos, audio, documents and various other file types.

Telegram was developed by a company founded by a resident of Russia Pavel Durov his name. Telegram is free and paid, of course paid ones have more features and are free.

Telegram features

Users of this application can enjoy features that are no less cool than other applications such as WhatsApp, Wechat and other messaging applications. Check out its features below:

Large Storage Space

This application has a large unlimited storage space, because this application uses the Cloud Storage system. You can store data securely, and it can be easily managed and accessed. You can easily store various types of files such as images, audio, video and other files.

Data Quality Has Not Changed

You can share data with good quality. Your data will not change or be compressed, so the data you send remains the same as the original.

Username feature

You don't need to add your friends' contacts, that way your cellphone number remains safe without anyone knowing.

Edit Sent Messages

You can edit messages that you have sent. New messages will automatically replace old messages, and recipients will still be notified, so recipients don't misunderstand.

Large Group Capacity

Users can enjoy large group capacities of up to 5000 participants.

Hide Last Seen Feature

You can even use this feature on certain people, with this feature it keeps you safe and comfortable surfing in cyberspace without anyone disturbing you.

Can Login on various Devices Simultaneously

You can log in on several devices such as on a smartphone, on the Desktop or on the Telegram Web.

Send Large Files

You can send files or data up to 2 GB to each other in any format.

Thus information about Telegram features. And if you want to download Telegram, please click the link below:

Download Telegram 4.6.3 For Windows Desktop PC

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