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Download Zoom Version 5.14.10 (17221) For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Download Zoom Version 5.14.10 (17221) For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
Download Zoom Version 5.14.10 (17221) For Windows 7, 8, 10, 11

Download Zoom Version 5.14.10 (17221) - Good news for Zoom users because Zoom has just released its newest version, Zoom Version 5.14.10 (17221) on June 5 2023 from the previous version Zoom Version 5.14.8 (16213).

We know Zoom is an application for video conferencing and online meetings which is currently still widely used for online meetings and webinars.

Even though we know the COVID-19 virus has diminished, Zoom is still the choice for meetings. Because of various obstacles in the field, for example, long distances, people decide to keep using Zoom.

For example, a lecturer who teaches or wants a student meeting under his guidance, because the position of the lecturer is outside the area and the students are still demanding that the trial be held immediately, so the trial will be held online.

That's a little explanation why people still use the Zoom application. The following is an explanation of the features available on Zoom, including the following:

Zoom feature

HD Audio and Video

The HD audio and video feature of Zoom is the ability to send and receive high-quality sound and images during calls or meetings through the Zoom platform.

The HD audio feature on Zoom allows users to hear voices clearly and clearly. HD audio reduces noise and noise interference, resulting in a better communication experience. With HD audio, users can hear more clearly when talking to other participants in a Zoom call or meeting. This feature is particularly useful in situations where voice clarity is critical, such as in presentations, lectures, or group discussions.

Meanwhile, the HD video feature on Zoom allows users to view high-resolution images. HD video displays sharper, clearer details, so meeting participants can see other people's faces and expressions better. Good video quality is essential when giving presentations, product demonstrations, or sharing other visual content in Zoom meetings.

The combination of HD audio and video features on Zoom provides a more immersive communication experience and enables more effective collaboration between meeting participants. With clear audio and video, participants can communicate better, understand better, and engage in conversations or presentations better too.

It is important to note that in order to enjoy the HD audio and video features, a stable and fast internet connection is required, as well as supporting hardware. If the internet or device connection is inadequate, the audio and video quality may be affected.

Share Screen

The "Share Screen" feature in Zoom allows users to share their computer screen views with other meeting participants. With this feature, users can display content that is on their screen, such as presentations, documents, applications, or even the entire desktop.

The function of the "Share Screen" feature is very useful in various scenarios. Some of the main uses of this feature are:

Presentation: Users can share their screen view while giving a presentation. This allows meeting attendees to view presentation slides, graphics, or other content clearly and directly from the speaker's computer.

Collaboration: The "Share Screen" feature allows team members to work together on a specific project or task. For example, they can simultaneously view and edit a document, draw over pictures or notes, or share an application for demonstrations or discussion.

Distance Training and Education: In the context of distance training or education, the “Share Screen” feature is very useful. Teachers or instructors can share their learning materials, show how to use an app, or show steps in a particular process, so students can follow along better.

Technical Support: The "Share Screen" feature is also useful in situations where someone needs technical assistance. For example, a user can share their screenshot with a technician to show the problem or error they are facing, so that the technician can provide proper guidance or solutions.

Zoom's "Share Screen" feature provides flexibility and convenience in sharing information and visual content with meeting participants. In many cases, these features facilitate better collaboration, increase understanding, and facilitate communication between meeting participants.

Virtual Backgrounds

Zoom's "Virtual Background" feature allows users to change the background of their camera view during a call or meeting. With this feature, users can select the image or video they want to use as the background, changing the appearance of the room behind them.

The main functions of the "Virtual Background" feature are:

Privacy: This feature gives the user options to protect their privacy. They can hide the actual background details and replace them with a more neutral or professional image. This is especially useful in situations where the user is in an inappropriate environment or wants to keep certain information private.

Aesthetics and Personalization: Virtual Background allows users to add creative elements or customize the look of their call. They can choose an attractive, funny or professional image to reflect their personality or the atmosphere they want to create.

Avoiding Visual Distractions: In online meetings or classes, users can avoid visual distractions in their background. For example, if they are in a noisy or messy environment, using a Virtual Background helps reduce distraction and focus attention on the main participants in the call.

Branding and Promotion: For companies or brands, the Virtual Background feature can be used to promote their own logo, product or brand. Users can use a background image that includes their brand's visual elements to increase brand awareness in meetings.

The Virtual Background feature on Zoom gives users the flexibility to change the appearance of their camera background according to their needs and preferences. This helps create a better ambiance in calls and provides attractive personalization options.


The "Record" feature on Zoom allows users to record their calls or meetings in audio or video format. This feature has several useful functions, including:

Documentation: The "Record" feature allows users to record and document ongoing meetings or calls. This is useful if the user needs to refer back to information or discussion that took place during a future meeting. Recording meetings allow users to ensure that important details are not overlooked and can be accessed again when needed.

Remote Collaboration: In the context of remote team collaboration, recording a meeting can be helpful for team members who can't be there in person. They can view the recordings and stay in touch with what was discussed or presented at the meeting. This facilitates more effective team collaboration and ensures that all members are kept informed.

Training and Education: The “Record” feature is especially useful in remote training or education scenarios. Teachers or instructors can record training sessions or classes, so participants who cannot attend in person can still access the training materials or lessons. Recordings can be used for review or as a reference source for future participants.

Evaluation and Analysis: By recording meetings or presentations, users can review and re-analyze their or team members' performance. This can assist in improving presentations, identifying areas of improvement, or providing more accurate feedback.

Security and Compliance: The "Record" feature is also useful in a security and compliance context. Meeting records can be used as evidence or documentation in the event of a dispute or legal issue in the future. This provides an additional layer of security for users and organizations.

It is important to comply with privacy policies and applicable regulations when recording meetings or calls and obtain permission from all recorded participants.

Download Zoom for PC Windows

If you use the free version of Zoom, users will get a number of features and functionality that can be used at no cost. Here are some of the things that can be obtained using the free version of Zoom:

One-on-one meetings: Users can have one-on-one meetings with others for free. This feature allows live video and audio calls between two people.

Group meetings with up to 100 participants: The free version of Zoom allows users to hold group meetings with up to 100 participants within 40 minutes. This is useful in situations where users need to have small group discussions or collaborations.

Information Download Zoom Version 5.14.10 (17221)
Last Update June 5, 2023
Operating System Windows
File Size 69.1 MB (64-bit) 63,1 (32-bit)
License Freeware
Language Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese

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